In The Palace Of Love Poem by Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee

In The Palace Of Love

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She was her father's princess
With grand graphics the father
dreamt, his princess will become a queen
By her exquisite beauty, her dynamism
and superb talent, every heart she will win.
She was to sing in the voice of gold
Years rolled and rolled
Nuptial knot in India is a bondage
This drudgery continues over the age
A woman is a woman and never a Queen
in her husband's house
Scared always like the poorest mouse
She is a homemaker having no home of her own
The husband burns like a sun and in his effulgence
The poor wife like the pale moon all shone
Roots of creativity in her went too dry to grow again
The princess writhes all night in excruciating pain
Every one in the father in law house praises her
for her duty
Few only praised her for her wonderful beauty.
Her soul, mind and spirit
all benumbed in a cruel laughter
Her own urges or desires are now a closed chapter.
She lived for a couple of years in her prison with a door
She longs for the waves dashing against the shores.

One day one night
One day
two nights gone
She started having
a fabulous vision
No need to nourish weariness
No need for household drudgery to win
She was invited to a splendid palace
It was the Palace of Love
And she was to become the Queen.

In The Palace Of Love
A woman is confined in the house of the in laws. She needs dignity of a queen as her father dreamt for her. Only love can make her free from her thraldom
Roseann Shawiak 07 June 2016

Totally love how you shared the plight of a wife and how she suffers at her husband's hands, a person whom is supposed to love, honor and cherish her, but never does. Yes, only true and unconditional love will free and liberate her from his laws. Great poem! A step closer to helping women find themselves before giving their lives over to someone else and becoming a slave. Love your style of writing and your messages. You are truly a man of knowledge when it comes to women and the rights they should inherently have. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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