Lauren Mulcahy

Liar, Liar - Poem by Lauren Mulcahy

People who lie are not in the trends,
The next time you lie, we are no longer friends.
You use me up as if I'm your example,
But it is not me who is going to get trampled.

You lie so much about serious things,
About hating, cutting, and the painful stings.
You use your parents as an excuse,
Even though it's all fake, we picked up the clues.

You tell us you hurt and that you want to die,
But really, it's funny watching how much you lie.
I'm honestly fed up with all the foolishness of you,
So please quit making up stories and rumors about things too.

I believed you at first, and had much understanding,
Until I found out the truth of your planning.
You were my best friend, and I told you a secret,
But then soon realized, you could not keep it.

You made up a story all about you and I'll mention,
That you did it all just for attention.
You wronged me, I know, because I just happened to check,
You really loved your life, when I thought you were in heck.

You didn't really do all the things that you said,
They were all imagination, in your little blonde head.
Now you've made me upset and very blind-sighted,
And in the rest of my life, I hope to God you aren't invited.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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