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Liberty - Poem by Shreej k.c

Friends covet my freedom, my liberty
Oh how free you are
You can go to mountains, chill in the bar
You never have to act sly nor have to lie
You don't need to plot, you can always fly

You see my friend my privilege, my wing
You see me merry always in full swing
Its not for you to see the chain and shackle
That keeps me restrained tough to tackle

Dear you can choose, its your way
Only one thing I put not to sway
Do bear in mind how the old man toiled
Just to buy you assets keep you cloyed
Didn't I just get the boon the liberty
Why I see my hands cuffed, must not be reality

Sweetie we can never restrict you, you can let go
We find you perfect, you'll never have to bow
Bethink as you decide, the pain the lady bore
Bringing you to the world, shading from every sore
Shouldn't I just feel blessed not preclusion
I can't move my feet, oh this shackle must be illusion

You are the pride, how proud we are
You can always hover, see the door is ajar
We know you are flawless, you make no mistake
You will reckon our faith afore every choice you make
Shouldn't I feel coaxed, aided, fearless to scream
What's this lump, the throttle, it must be a dream

You see my friend, I am free, wings intact
The cage is golden, the door unlatched
I can soar in the sky and land unscratched
Alas the occult chain is robust than iron to slide
It keeps me bound, keeps from reaching where my heart reside.

Topic(s) of this poem: freedom, liberty

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Expectations from others can feel like restrictions sometimes. I accept when I wrote this poem I had belief that we should have freedom to do everything that comes in our mind. Now that I'm a bit? mature I know doing so only means being enslaved by our own thoughts. However having only right as an option is tyrant, getting to choose between right and wrong is freedom and being able to distinguish between them by ourself is the true liberty, it frees us even from those expectations.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 5, 2015

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