Liberty Eagle! Poem by Denis Martindale

Liberty Eagle!

The eagle soared across the sky,
As if by faith alone
And thus determined there to fly
A course none else had known...
A single creature few had seen
Above the mountain tops,
Snow-capped and glistening with a sheen
That seldom ever stops...

My word, it was a sky so blue
That eagle must be glad,
Regarding such a splendid view,
What greater could be had?
The sense of freedom felt within
Must surely soothe the heart,
As if relieved of every sin,
To gain a brand new start...

Some say such treasures have a price,
But eagles know their place,
Such liberty makes us think twice
About God's sovereign grace...
Man has no wings to bear his weight,
Man has to walk or run,
Yet eagles soar to any height
Beneath God's golden sun...

Denis Martindale, copyright, January 2015.

Poem based on a magnificent wildlife painting,
Liberty by Stephen Gayford nb Google-search
gayfordgallery and 'Stephen Gayford poetry'.

Monday, January 26, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: faith
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