Andrew Matthews

Life - Poem by Andrew Matthews

I am blind
I can barely think
I don't know where I am
All I have is instinct.
I follow an urge, a sense
I can't understand but I'm compelled to reach
It's the beginning of a life, an egg I must breach.

Now I am bigger
I feel different, and even bigger
I can suddenly hear distant beats
They have ryhtym and I'm feeling their heat.
One is near the other is far
Yet now I can see some sort of star
I feel I want go into this place.

Whoosh and I'm suddenly bathed in light
I'm crying and with all my might
I'm breathing and new and surrounded by love
I can talk and I'm walking and climbing frames high above.
Time has passed and I'm now at school
I'm learning and laughing
And laughing and learning and playing the fool.

16 years have gone by and I'm feeling such bliss
I'm going to have my first ever kiss
My heart beats so fast that I feel it might stop
I can't help it my emotions all over the shop.
Then I'm working and married, sharing my space
Our love has created a new human face
And oh my what beautful and innocent grace.

I have retired now and think it's so sweet
As my Grandchild is here who I'm so blessed to meet.
She's lovely and kind as she helps me to my feet....
Now she's married and expecting her own little set of feet.
I'm now in my twilight years and my face looks so worn
But know I've done my bit for the children I have borne.
As death approaches as it does find all men.

My children surround as to bed I am bound
I'll not long be bound to Earth or time
I'm telling myself over and over and over
That where I'm going I will be fine.
And then I see a star, like the star I saw before
And I walk forwards to see the water down by heavens ancient shore
Where I'll wait for my loved ones to come and reside here with me evermore.

Andrew Matthews
23: 42pm

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poem Edited: Monday, February 15, 2010

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