Life :) --A Quatrain-- Poem by Manjeshwari P MYSORE

Life :) --A Quatrain--

Rating: 4.9

Each to his own, as time has flown
Learning things, until fully grown
Ways are different, up and down
Enjoy life; Smile counts more than frown.

Rajnish Manga 01 November 2020

Excellent poem. Can serve as a guide to everyone. Highly practical. Thanks for sharing.

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Mahtab Bangalee 02 December 2019

Enjoy life; Smile counts more than frown/// yeah exactly, positive writing on life

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Nicholas Wright 16 May 2010

Well, I like the fact that you can express a poem in only one stanza, a quatrain. However, I believe that because it is one stanza it is unnaturalistically simple and the rhymes plain and planned. It is questionable whether or not this poem expresses a complete idea. At first glance, i saw it as a process of growth through time; looking at he metaphor 'time has flown'. But by the end of the second line that was side tracked and a completely different idea was extrapolated in order to maintain the aaaa rhyming scheme which you were trying to employ. Overall, for me; your poem is entertaining but simple and as such I ranked it a 6/10. Mainly because I am impressed by the fact that you expressed so much in a quatrain. who knows, probably u should try a couplet and see how it turns out.

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