Life After Life Poem by John I Nash

Life After Life

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Grace, I have sought by giving my present life to good, but it was not enough to seek Grace by just deeds alone past sins I must atone. Life after life, the wrong had been done.

Seeking wisdom was what I thought would give me the Grace I sought. So study I did, day and night. What a plight when I died that night, no grace had been given, another wrong committed.

Living again it will never end. I sought grace through poverty and false humility. Giving all possessions away walking through the hamlet in rags wearing my poverty like a ribboned badge to be displayed, no man of means I. This must be the way to Grace I screamed. Passing away, I sensed that once again I had failed to find the grace that has eluded me all these many lives. The fires of the Ganges consumed my body.

Twenty lives past I had failed to find Grace what a pace what a disgrace, but each life lived a little better than the last had brought me closer to myself and The hidden grace that I sought.

Another life being lived only seeking mercy, love and goodwill doing my best to meet the test staying pure of heart. asking Gods forgiveness for the rest.

Toiling down the hot dusty road, I came upon a crying child whom I did pick up, giving him some water and held him to the sky to see a smile. In his innocent eyes I saw a reflection of myself and I cried for all those who must walk the path as I.

I turned to find a saintly Guru who knew I was ready for his embrace surly he would allow me the Grace I longed to be worthy of. So I leave this poem behind in hopes that you to may find and be worthy of the Grace That I so found.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: religion,religious
I have always wanted to go to India and meet one of their living saints, I would not speak to him as I feel unworthy. I would just like to be close to him. I still have many life's to live. Yes I did make up the word 'ribboned ' a poets prerogative.
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