Life As A Journey

I drive the road you travel on.
Some times, it is broad and cosy;
Other times, it is narrow and lonely.

The storm rages upon it
Just as the sun shines upon it.
There is always a bend; two, not one, up ahead.
And once, or twice, the new traveller would gnash at a bend.

There goes the mirage again up the distance ahead.
The bane to pang the traveller by noon;
When nothing awaits the distance but the journey ahead.

"Hello", a traveller would say to lure a traveller ahead
And "Nay", he would bawl to shun the traveller behind.
Only leaning on travellers beside where the road is rough.

Some travellers, you should meet when you've lost your way;
Other travellers, you should meet to lose your way.
Some travellers, you can meet to get a tow along the way;
Other travellers, you can meet to need a tow along the way.

Some travel repetitiously to and fro only a short pace
While the journey yet awaits;
Others travel continuously in circles
To shy from the journey that awaits.

Some travel overwhelmed with fear and apathy;
Some travel overwhelmed with stun and diffidence;
Others travel overwhelmed with enthusiasm and haste.

Exuberance caresses some travellers to be blithe and careless
Unmindful that the journey is all and all ephemeral;
Albeit, prudency vie a few to strive for the smile of others
Vanity, all and all, lurking behind travellers egotistical.

There and then again, a traveller would veer off the road
At the destination of another traveller unmindful of his own.
There and then again, a traveller would fall asleep at the loafer's inn;
Some would rouse again to continue with the journey,
Others would onward become the loafer in the loafer's inn.

I drive the road you travel on
Today I drove, tomorrow I'll drive again.
Then too, I'll say "Hello" to the traveller on the road we travel on.

Alison Mujati 25 April 2020

good poem, worth reading about life. may you read my poem, the blurred figure

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