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A Soliloquy Of My Love Despairs

Maker of love,
May the prayers I offered thee be nulled.
For I am sorely wronged
By the damsel

Life As A Journey

I drive the road you travel on.
Some times, it is broad and cosy;
Other times, it is narrow and lonely.


Time passeth and the nights cometh.
For long, they were much awaited; now, more so hated.
Each is a twin of the former,
Neither of either, any different from life beneath the blazing sun.

A Tale Of Two Sisters: A

Man, often, is a grooming actor.
Sometimes his own devil beneath his shinning robes,
He's always seemingly lost from himself
And often married to a happy river of wrinkles on his forehead

A Tale Of Two Sisters: B

Unwariness is but sinful;
It is a sardonic slave master, numb and cold;
All too blind to reality when canniness lurks in the air.
Akin these did Jenny cease her gaping chance

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19 July 2020

Once I listened to the fool, But the fool speaketh naught to me. I listened to the sage, But the sage speaketh nought to me. Then I listened to myself, And there I found my clarity whole and whole. Who am I? I am the man that is neither the fool nor the sage. Neither naught nor whole, I am myself.

19 July 2020

I have air in my lungs, a hand to write, and a brain to think. I am the most complete individual.

19 July 2020

Life's naught but a rusted propeller in grave need of lubrication. Apply all you have to grease it wholly and your speed will go at full acceleration.

19 July 2020

A man is happy not because he wants to be happy but because he knows how to be happy.

19 July 2020

The tales of a dogged man are tales of great uneasiness and dissatisfaction.

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