Otega A Poems

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A Soliloquy Of My Love Despairs

Maker of love,
May the prayers I offered thee be nulled.
For I am sorely wronged
By the damsel

Life As A Journey

I drive the road you travel on.
Some times, it is broad and cosy;
Other times, it is narrow and lonely.


Time passeth and the nights cometh.
For long, they were much awaited; now, more so hated.
Each is a twin of the former,
Neither of either, any different from life beneath the blazing sun.

A Tale Of Two Sisters: A

Man, often, is a grooming actor.
Sometimes his own devil beneath his shinning robes,
He's always seemingly lost from himself
And often married to a happy river of wrinkles on his forehead

A Tale Of Two Sisters: B

Unwariness is but sinful;
It is a sardonic slave master, numb and cold;
All too blind to reality when canniness lurks in the air.
Akin these did Jenny cease her gaping chance

My Kudos To Your Beauty

Use a thousand and one words
In the adoration of her beauty.
But the replication of her reflection will be
peripheral in the light of her true grace.

Her Smile

Fascinating! Beautiful! gorgeous!
And like words, rings in your head
When you picture the way it plays
Gently and passionately on her face.

Nigeria I Hail Thee

Nigeria! Nigeria! !
The home of whirl and gentle winds,
The place of birth of great rivers and oceans,
The land of nurtured fathers and mothers,

An Ode To Lovely Death

Life is but a curse
From which we should seek shelter.
It saddles us all nights and days
With millions of worries and fears

Her Voice

I hear it!
O yes, I hear you!
The magic of her voice cries again!
Rising and falling in pitch

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