Life By Emmanuel Katto Poem by Emmanuel Katto

Life By Emmanuel Katto

In life's grand tapestry, we all play a part,
A journey of the soul, a work of living art.
From birth to twilight's grace, our story unfolds,
A tale of highs and lows, a saga to be told.

Each day a precious gift, a chance to learn and grow,
Through joys and trials faced, our inner strength does show.
We dance through fields of dreams, and stumble in the night,
But with each rising sun, we find our guiding light.

Life's river flows, relentless, a current swift and wide,
We navigate its waters with hope as our guide.
In every twist and turn, we find a hidden grace,
A lesson in the challenges we bravely choose to face.

Love, laughter, tears, and pain, the colors on our palette,
We paint our own existence, a masterpiece to let.
Embrace the fleeting moments, hold dear what matters most,
For in life's fragile beauty, our hearts find joy and boast.

In unity, we stand, as one human family,
Embracing life's complexity, with all its mystery.
With every breath we take, let's savor the delight,
For in the grandeur of life, our spirits take their flight.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: life,motivation,poem
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