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Life In A Graduated Cylinder

Rating: 3.5

'Why are our lives so pegged
on tests and calibrations....? '

I wondered one day at lab:
'Are we just numbers and specimens
on some giant petrie dish
calibrated & graduated
like some cylindrical tube....? '

Heaven forbid that we be siphoned-in
and spun around in an autoclave.
'Is the tugging and pulling
a centrifugal force that separates
the real me from impurity? '

And when I come out after experimentation -
my school, my government, my society, declares me
useful or useless in this brave new world...

'Should life then be pegged & reliant
on some cold, empirical system? '


Emancipation Planz 07 March 2009

did you have a control mechanism attached to this poem? Hope not, I reckon if the life of this poem was shaken in test tube it just graduated in full colours... and yes.. forget the calibration

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Ronberge . 28 May 2005

As we say in QA: Follow your SOPs. BTW Make sure you're the one writing them. That's from me! -) Amicalement votre, Ronberge.

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Timothy Werner 27 November 2004

no way, wait shush the scientists are coming i dont want them to hear what were saying. Just Kidding. Makes me think a bit on this one....

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