Life Is A Race! Poem by Lost Sierra

Life Is A Race!

Life is a race we begin with high hopes and dreams- determined to succeed them all.
We want to be the person who everyone looks up to, the person who invents something extravagant, the person who finds a cure, (etc) .

During the race, there are numerous obstacles: high jumps, rocks, trees- which block our paths.
What do we do? Do we stop or do we attempt to problem solve? What do we do?

Some of us just stop because we have had enough influence in our lives to believe we cannot achieve. So we give up just like that. We do not even try. Believe it or not believing in yourself is an obstacle within itself. How do we overcome such a problem? That may just be someone's biggest obstacle.

What about the people who try and achieve; It does no come easy for them.
Everyone has to work at something, whether it is getting all A's, becoming a higher rank in your job, or just living a happy life. Everyone has to strive for something.

How do you want to end this race? Do you want to be the person that strived to be their best or the person that just settles for what they've got?

Life isn't the race to see which person can end first.
That's not it at all. So along the way help people out.
Maybe you'll be the person that changes their world.
Maybe you'll accomplish more when you help others.
You'll never know until you try.

Finish this race with everyone saying 'Wow, I want to be like them.'

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