Lost Sierra Poems

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Taking A Walk On Memory Lane

Taking a walk on memory lane
isn’t all that gray.
Taking a walk on memory lane
I see the sunrays.

I Wish You Luck

You crushed my heart
You left it in a million pieces
I left it there
Looked at it

Words Will Never Hurt Me

We do not think before we speak
so words are said with out a thought
most of them make us weak.


I look left
I look right
I thought it gave up the fight

Life Is A Race!

Life is a race we begin with high hopes and dreams- determined to succeed them all.
We want to be the person who everyone looks up to, the person who invents something extravagant, the person who finds a cure, (etc) .

During the race, there are numerous obstacles: high jumps, rocks, trees- which block our paths.

Sunshine Days

Do you remember the sunshine days?
The days we would skip through the fields of wild flowers.
The days you would sit on the swings with me forever.

I Want To Be That Girl

I want to be her
The one with gorgeous eyes
The one with the perfect hair
The one that has the nicest outfits

My Worst Fear

My worst fear is letting you down.
Telling you I screwed up
makes me want to cry.

School Room

The classroom as crowded as can be
Packed no place to move
You can't even see

Soul Attack

You walk the lonely path alone
thinking of all the unspoken words.
There are too many to count.

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