Life Is Strange Poem by Tasadduq Hussain

Life Is Strange

The origin of life is a mystery and end is equally strange
The journey starts from nowhere and takes us to unknown.
Sometimes it feels like being in a hot desert
Where everyone is thirsty and desperate for a drink.
Sometimes we find an oasis, with profound beauty and comfort
And call out with joy, “eat drink and be merry” and never worry

Sometimes it seems like puppets, dancing on strings,
With no freedom to swing away from the path defined by Him,
And continuously manipulated to perform again and again.
The master discards and replace us with the new ones, at His
whim any time and any place for reasons never explained.

Oh, creator of this strange world
I wish you come face to face, so we can do a little talk
How long I have to meet you, in imagination again.

“Here I am let’s talk, ask whatever you wish”
Thank you God so nice to see you,

You are so cool and shining bright, like a magnificent star
Please tell me why did you make me from simple mud and Clay,
And all the angels were made from the cool and brilliant ray?
I feel like dirt so worthless, Please tell me tell me why?

Why did you send me down, in this hell on earthly grounds?
Isn’t it too much of punishment, for taking just one apple,
from the huge orchard, on your grounds.
I could have quietly lived there in the heavens, praying you
and enjoying the life in peace with you and your angels.

Why do I have to die and go to some mysterious place?
Is it true there is heaven and hell? Where am I destined to land?
Did you make me to worship you, like angels, all the time?
Or I am created just to bear the pain and sufferings, so profound?

Please tell me what’s the purpose of my life?
I am confused and lost while passing through,
I am still half deaf and blind from the noise and dust of big bang,
You put me through, so kind!

Please God tell me tell me, why I am created,
and how long I need live on?
Please, God I beg you, I have to know what’s going on?
As I bowed to touch His feet, I fell and hit the ground, …There was no God around.
My wife was calling “Wake up… Wake up …….the breakfast is ready, since long”.

Gajanan Mishra 04 May 2013

what is going on nobody knows. O God! good poem. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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