Life Is Too Short Poem by Randy McClave

Life Is Too Short

I asked her again why
Her hair she constantly does dye,
Is she going out to party or to court
No, she said, life is too short.
Then she paints her fingers and toenails,
Which entices her with many romantic tales.

I then asked her once again
Why does she date only older men,
Dating younger men she doesn't support
Because she said, life is too short.
Younger men she said is a liability,
A mature man has wisdom and financial stability.

I asked once more
What did she really did adore,
She said, she wanted to travel the world with a passport
Because she said that life is too short.
She was tired of meatloaf, and burgers and the same meat,
She wanted scones, and haggis and different foods to eat.

I then asked her this last question
With complete discretion,
With older men why do you love to date and consort
Because they treat me right, and life is too short.
If she had waited for a younger man to pick her a clover,
Her waiting, her life would had already been over.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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