Life's Journey Poem by Nash Thomas

Life's Journey

When we are out of money,
We may think, money is fine,
When we have full of money,
We may think love is fine,
When we get full of love,
We may think, power is fine,
When we have power,
We may think, respect is fine,
When we get pubic respect,
We may think free from critics is fine,
When we are free from critics,
We may think free bird is fine,
At that time, on seeing cool butterflies,
Dancing in the nature,
Enjoying the lovely flowers and sunny days,
We may think dancing states is fine,
As they live in nature,
Without any vested law,
With the inbuilt law in its mind,
We may think, free state is fine,
We all are thinking something is fine,
Unattainable state is fine,
Within a span of one twenty years,
We may set many mental setting,
Just to pacify the mind for a moment,
Wandering mind for something else,
To attain a lasting joy.
All are mere mental settings,
Before the joining of last breath,
To the cosmic content,
A moment where all will be gone,
Gone for ever with a finite state,
From the infinite thinking,
We all are part of that,
Still, we seek for something else,
For next moment of happiness.
Till, the moment of memory,
Our way of life become a memory for others.

Nash Thomas

Nash Thomas

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