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The Real Fruit

My father planted two Rambutans,
On the back side on our lovely home,
Thinking that would bear fruit in right time,
And gain a little by selling the same.

Wonders Of Life

Some will do wonders in life from nothing,
Some will do dreadful in life from everything,
Some will do wonders through words,
Some will do dreadful through words,


I see a man,
A man of silence,
A man of passion,
A passion to do his duty,


Living in the land of inspiration,
Living in the land of motivation,
Living in the land of acceptance,
Even if as an expatriate, is a heaven,

The Science - A Myth Or A Reality? .

The time has come,
The time has come to prove,
Science makes many mistakes,
Mistakes and mislead millions and millions.

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20 November 2018

Many are in severe trial in life mainly due to three facts, ignorance, vengeance, misuse of power from the part of power and authority.

21 November 2018

Love for love is rare to see, what we have been experiencing from the timeless time is meant for something other than true love.

21 November 2018

Democracy without enacting No Fear Act is just like an autocracy with an awesome mask.

21 November 2018

A nice word during dark time is like a glow worm in the deepest darkness.

21 November 2018

Democratic country with colonial laws and taxation is just like the marriage of young man of twenty five with an old woman of over fifty. The purpose will not serve.

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Born in India, Kerala at Kadammanitta in the Year 1979.He is a member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India, A statutory body set up under the Act of Parliament.Also he majored in Commerce from M. G. University, Kottayam.He developed a new theory to learn accountancy within hours 'Logical Theory on Accountancy, '.The book b ...

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