A Horror Memory Poem by Nash Thomas

A Horror Memory

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Memories may be sweet,
Memories may be hard,
Sometimes it may horrible,
Sometime it may terrible.

Now I like to share you,
A memory of past,
That occurred during my teenage,
It was on mid April.

We had a Cashew farm,
Having area of two acres,
With vide varieties of apples,
Tasty, bitter and salty.

I visited the farm,
When the sun was about to set,
To find why was daddy so late,
To return from the farm.

Boundaries were marked-
Defended by warriors,
Arecanut trees, the defenders,
Showing the boundary to others.

It was on the mid of April,
Time may be at 6.30pm.
I saw the old house, in the dim light,
And the old cattle shed there.

Cashew Apples were ripen,
Nuts were matured,
Found heaps of apples,
And sacks of Cashews.

Bees in the cashew plots and
Insects in the rubber plots
Did their part to make-
Night, a terrible one.

I felt the bees and grasshoppers-
Were kings of making fiery sounds.
The sound of evening spread-
With a horrible mood.

When I saw lovely red cow,
Eating apples with a great greed,
I was about to rush at her-
To feed on my palm to her.

Then a shaky sound heard,
Like a jet fell down in a cyclone,
With shaking sounds of tonnes of iron rings -
And inbuilt magic bells in them.

I was stud, couldn't tell anything,
I turned to a statue, my mouth was open,
Within a second or fraction of second,
That sound passed like a lightning.

Hearing the sound,
Cow jumped into a near pit,
By the tightening of coir over head-,
Eyes were turns like a ghost eyes.

I wasn't a hard believer,
Believer only on hard times,
Recite quickly the name of Jesus,
I got an internal strength.

On breaking the coir on her head,
She reached rapidly in her shed,
Showing that she was totally feared,
I closed its door and about to quit quickly.

When I walk quickly,
Slipped over old heap of leaves,
Seeing a long snake passed from there,
The eyes of silver owl looked at me sharply.

The mourning of dogs were heard,
Bats were flying, making fiery move,
The leaves of arecanut trembling me,
When I rose, a little beetle hit on my head.

I heard my heart beats,
I heard the fiery sound of nights,
Dogs were mourning,
Foxes were ruling the time.

When I went through-,
A narrow short-cut,
Quickly as quickly to reach my home,
Then I heard the sound of a lady.

Her teeth were bloody,
Chewing the betel leaves,
She spat bloody saliva,
Started to tell me something.

Her hair was uncombed, a fiery look,
She was holding an old lantern,
Warned me to go slowly,
As her naughty children,
Had stoned a snake shortly,
In the midst of fiery play,
Each one did their part nicely,
Just to make me full of fear.

Slipped many times in that path,
Blood started flowing from all the hits,
Started dancing on the spot of bloods,
Mosquitoes gladly tasted their food,
Making everything in a fiery mood.

Reached home and told what had happened.
Warn me not to visiting at that time,
A special time, where a shift of goddesses,
Takes place between two hills.

For the past so many years,
That has been rolling in my mind,
I can't find the reason for such a sound-
Resembling the shaking of tonnes of chains-
Made up of iron rings,
And inbuilt magic bells in them.
There is something in our nature,
The science is yet to find its reason.

Monday, December 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Horror
Asit Kumar Sanyal 03 January 2015

It's a nice poem but leaves many questions.

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Asit Kumar Sanyal 03 January 2015

It's a nice poem. But it leaves many questions.

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