Life With Sickle Cell Poem by Sylvia Chidi

Life With Sickle Cell

If you know me very well
Then you will recognize I am a fighter
I have oppressed the cigarette lighter
With sickle cell, it's a different story to tell

Every day I wake up to a glorious sunshine
Counting my lives for I once had at least nine
This sickle cell has taken from me what is mine
It has frozen in time and crossed my border line

But I must smile - I have to smile
And I swear I will not be defeated all the while
The remnants of my pain are stacked up in a pile
But I must smile - I have to smile

You see, I want to be a stimulating warrior
That makes this sickle cell malady look inferior
In every single point of longitude and latitude
I face another challenge of people's attitude

They are talking about my life expectancy
Urging me to hasten with the agenda of pregnancy
My life is in a rush and I must ignore my secret crush
I have been guided to toy with the idea of many marriages
But we must all die one day wrapped in different packages
Regardless of age we all have our different challenges
So today I smile, I have to smile and I blush and blush

Tomorrow again will be a hurricane of pain and depression
It's insane as it leaves me damaged with a dubious expression
Is death imminent and what do I live for?
But I will fight for love and progression
I will fight to free myself from sickle cell oppression
I will fight to display this in my global poetic sessions
And I will fight to pursue normal education and a profession
And I will never cease to give up - No I will never give up
For each day there is hope and blessings from the top.
Negativity in life with sickle cell illness must stop
This sickle cell disease in my World will be a flop!

Copyright 2019 Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Dedicated to all those with 'Sickle Cell' illness.

I learnt about this recently from someone special that was going through the illness and I feel people need to be more aware about Sickle Cell disease.

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