Lifelessly In Love (Battered Women)

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She strives through her tears
Although she is strong.
She does all she can
Just trying to hold on.

She cooks and cleans
She works yet she stands.
And although times get rough
She reaches her demands.

Her hope for life is taken
Her soul is bludgeoned and spoiled.
Her spirit is often broken
She gets no credit at all.

Proven by her constitution
Doing better than the best she can.
No human like her goes through
And comes out still grand.

Her family is priority
Her gifts are null and void.
The greatest of her importance
Is that she continues to toil.

Lifelessly In Love
To conquer and defeat.
To cover her calamities
That would meet her in the streets.

Who will stand for those
That believe their sorrows mend.
For underneath their structure
Their love will never end.

In memories they ponder
What is it I've done wrong.
To cause such bitter languish
And if they are weak or strong.

With patience love and kindness
She is above average you know.
And she never takes the time
To let her feelings show.

The battered woman's haven
Is to try to please her man.
Some say she is weak at heart
But she's strong give her a hand.

Lets not overlook her struggles
For many children have been raised.
By the hands of a battered woman
Who only thought it was a phase.

Kristen Flippin 18 November 2011

I love this poem! This pretty much describes my life to a tee, only my husband waited until I was disabled to start hitting me!

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