Life's Uncertainties Poem by Ghazala Lari

Life's Uncertainties

The journey of life, uncertainties abound,
The only certainties that can truly be found.
For as we traverse this vast earthly domain,
Challenges await, obstacles causing strain.

Like bottlenecks that appear on our way,
Testing our strength, pushing us to sway.
A roller coaster ride, helping us grow,
Through ups and downs, we learn and we know.

Imagine a world without any strife,
A place lacking upheavals, devoid of life.
For it's in the struggles, the battles we face,
That we find the strength to conquer and embrace.

The ups and the downs, the breakthroughs we find,
They're not here to break us, but to remind
That we grow stronger, wiser, and kind,
In the face of adversity, we truly shine.

Within the crevices of my beating heart,
Emotions run deep, a well that won't depart.
Fetching the discarded feelings, long suppressed,
Locked away, pent up, within the inner chest.

Unleashing the memories, once astound,
That left me flabbergasted, amazed and spellbound.
For it is through these experiences we store,
That we learn, we grow, and we cherish even more.

So let us embrace the uncertainties of life,
For they are the certainties that help us thrive.
In this roller coaster life, we find solace and light,
Navigating the unknown, with courage and might.

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