Reginald Matsepe

Listen And Learn - Poem by Reginald Matsepe

One cold day back in the days
I heard grandma talk to my mama
Well I listened
To the teachigs of a victim
To today I'm still listening
For the walk doesn't end
With this life
I prayed and learned
I'll live to tell
And Word is bond
evil lives in a man's heart
Hoping to learn
I'm asking myself
Then Were do we live
For it is not out of evil
that we're born

Life is still trying to teach us
As we're still life's little babies
It throws the real profound
First hand practicality
Of what poverty really is
Of what struggle really does
And what living really means
'See  every generation
Goes through the same struggle
A battle within yourself
Now you feel it
You have to work for it

You say life is too short
So you can't sell it
And reality is
you have to make it
So we become adults
With no compassion
your soul you'll sell
For a better day
As for Your heart
you won't follow
For the angel of darkness
Knows that  it is in your heart
where the almighty rules
So through your heart
God will speak
Through your heart
Your voice shouts
It is through your heart
That your life begins and ends
The enemy knows that
It is your heart
That defines anything
In the heart
family is everything

See when you're still a baby
Your clueless
You laugh. Cry. Happy
Never sad
But little by little as we grow
Young as we are
We steal we lie
That's how we get by
That's why we get high
Of our miseries and die
We cry foul of the sins
Of our fathers
We draw wickness from
The life of our mothers
For we know not
what we're searchig for

And this are the pillars
on your foundation
I hope they've built a house
With love
For The love you learn at home
Is the strength
for your tomorrow
If I was you I'll take this words
And drown my sorrows

As you go through pain
Visualize the gain
For the wisdom
is within the struggle
What you learn
Is not for you to grow
But for the world to glow
Life is bigger than yourself
purpose takes precedence

So the hate in your heart
Is like shade in the dark
For whomever you hate
Reflects back
to the lack of love for yourself

Let the young draw strength
From their brothers and sisters
Now When you look up in the skies
Late at night and see the stars
Recognize the shine in your eyes
Remember you are what you see
you'll remain a star
So Share your light
Against all odds

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 18, 2015

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