- Little Boy - Poem by Dmitriy Kokarev

- Little Boy -

Rating: 2.8

His mommy wasn’t pretty
His daddy used to beat her
His daddy had disfigured her
His mommy wouldn’t leave his daddy
His mommy didn’t want to leave her baby with no daddy
One day they took her to the doctor
But she never said the truth
That day when she returned home
Daddy claimed that she didn’t tell the truth cos she enjoyed it
His little eyes they filled with tears
His little legs they ran outside
They ran into the garage
His little hands were shaking
His little hands picked up an axe
His little legs they ran back home now
His daddy seemed so lifeless
Sitting in the chair
His mommy seemed so hurt now
Laying on the floor
His little mind has snapped now
His little eyes were blurry
His little heart was pounding
His little fingers stiff
His little legs were shaking
As he was walking to his daddy
Who still sat in his chair
His little mouth now opened
And naughty words fell out
His little hands were in the air now
The axe seemed quiet sharp
He said the f word
And let out a scream
His daddy’s eyes opened wide
His daddy’s mind not working
His daddy’s blood all over
His mommy’s body on the floor
His daddy’s heart stopped working
His own was racing fast
His little mouth was smiling
His little eyes sparkled in the night
His tortures were now over
His daddy’s just began.

Dmitriy Kokarev

Dmitriy Kokarev

Tashkent - Uzbekistan
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