Little Messenger Poem by Nazim ZarSinner

Little Messenger

(Translated from Akhtar Sheerani)

Your little messenger who used to convey your messages
Was then unaware of what you used to write on those pages

He could not understand the secrets that that letters hid
What exciting styles of love in those simple looking words hid!

He just did not know what was hid in those blue envelopes
What a young girl meant by sending them to a boy? Her hopes?

But, I usually used to ponder on, in those times
That why his childhood thought on this love story's climax climbs?

Though he was too little, would not he think about it in heart
What his sister might have written in her letter with that art?

And why she writes letters to the same boy repeatedly?
It's okay if she writes sometimes, but why repeatedly?

Why now does she love her brother more than ever before?
She hands over envelope and promises to love more!

Why his sister is so benevolent to that stranger?
And if she's, why she hides from every family member?

His distrust is also supported by this evidence
Why 'No one should know about this letter, ' was her advice?

He might think in his little mind, from where comes this young stranger?
The same as his sister sends, he also brings a letter

Why he cannot come to their home like other relatives?
When he asks about him, no satisfying answer he gives

Brings beautiful toys for him, gives and smiles; usually
With kindness, on his back he gently slaps; usually

These thoughts of your messenger used to titilate my heart
And with their childish innocence, made smile my feelings smart

Remembrance was not limited to only you those days
Imaginations also remember him, I amaze!

But today, I saw the beautiful symbol in that way
That I bowed my head to prostrate on astonishment's clay!

I met your little messenger as a young boy once again
Changes occurring around me in the world left me half-slain

The zeal of your love sleeping in my heart, woke once again
This Laila returned to her litter breaking moments' chain

I felt blushed on looking in the eyes of your messenger
But, a naughty light of past sparkled in his eyes' scavenger

This sparkle was a cause of astonishment, recalling past tale
That the secret of your first love could be seen in this veil!

March 14,2022

Translated from Akhtar Sheerani
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