Little Old Church

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It's a little old church just off Main Street
Were people of many denominations come to meet
The old wooden pew have been replaced with plush chairs
53 seats are all it will hold arranged in rows of double pairs

'Gimme that Old Time Religion' is a song you will hear
Plus many a hymn that might bring a tear
When the choir is called, half the congregation comes forward
To sing beatiful songs to our Lord

With a clear loud voice Pastor Ron began
Explaining the Old Testament, he knows he can
His good sermons are what bring us here
And we will all be coming back for many a year

The hitching posts are no longer there
Nor a buggy pulled by the owner prized mare
Now horse and buggy days have faded away
But this old church is here to stay

So if you are in Humboldt, Arizona on a Sunday morn
Come on in and hear about when Jesus was born
Preacher Ron Moyer will welcome all of god's people
And if you wish might even let you pull the rope to the bell in the steeple

sHerbert Nehrdick 27 March 2005

I like this very much. Good job, I like rhymes.

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