Live Your Life With A Purpose And Don't Try To Fit In The Wrong Crowd Poem by Christen Kuikoua

Live Your Life With A Purpose And Don't Try To Fit In The Wrong Crowd

So precious yet so short
Life is indeed to us
Walking around in circles,
wasting around our time
Later, realizing that
Our selfish runs weren't important

Praising the wrong things
Wishing a fairytale life
Well guess what, our world ain't dreamtopia
Want success without efforts
And expect life to role like our selfish wishes
But the truth is life doesn't ever work like that

Why trying to live someone else's life
Trying to fit in the crowd
to be accepted for being someone you aren't
Pretending to be happy to please the people around you
that happens to not even care
I got a question?
If you live my life, then who will live yours
Stop scrolling through Socials
Seeing artificial happiness
Blended with filters
While you are trying to be like them,
They praying each day to be like you

Stop envying because it not
impossible to be a success
For the people you praise for their work
worked extra hours and sweats really hard
to obtain that success
Stop wishing for fairytales and grow up
Because just kids dream of flying like birds
Remember, there is no success without efforts
And never will you stop until your better becomes your best

How many kids now our days just always try to have like a million friends, always trying super hard to be accepted by people that sometimes happen to not even love them, but is it our fault? No, because as a matter of facts, all of us at some points in life want this love from people, this attention? No one in this universe loves the feeling of being left out or throw behind like a piece of trash that has to be recycled due to it no longer having value. This poem is just a motivation and a word to consider going back the right way.
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