We Need Parents Love In Climate Change Poem by Christen Kuikoua

We Need Parents Love In Climate Change

Humanity Will Never Solve Climate Change With Its Science,
But it will Solve It with it Spirit
We are Sons and Daughters of Our Home Earth
An With all honor it Our Duty as it heir to Safe and Protect It
not by balancing the Economies But Rebalancing Philosophy
Because as a Matter Of Facts Don't We Treat The Earth like We View Earth

Remember Dear Communities,
Close All Your TVs,
Plug Off Your Radios,
For humanity has Turn This World In to Chaos and Fear
Remember Not Everything Happening on Fox news & CNN Is always True
For Climate Change Ain't Political Its Parental

So this comes now to One Question
Parents Do You Love Your Kids?
Because No,
I refuse to believe that
Snatching away their Dream is Love,
I refuse to believe that
Not Caring
About the Future They Will Live in Is Good,
Aren't you guys tire of living a lie
that you tell yourself everyday

I know Y'all Parents
Are working So hard to give us your Children's
A better Tomorrow, Yeah I Believe You But,
What the Point of Enriching Your Family,
Or like You Guys Say Taking Higher Paying Jobs to make us have a Great Life,
When We Will have no Earth to Spent it
When you guys ask us
what do want to be when you grow up?
Please Leave us an Actual World To grow In

You already Know
That the only Milky Way us kids will see,
Will be Candy Bars,
You Guys already know that
When we turn 30 years old,
There will be more plastic in the ocean than fishes

You Already Know This
Like I said,
You Hear it on the News
And That's Where The Freaking News Goes Wrong
Cause If you simply Focus on What's Going Wrong,
You Get More of What's Going Wrong
Unfortunately as sad as it is that the universal law

So Like I said
Close those TV Channels And Stop Inciting Fear
Because Let me be clear
Mr. Martin Luther King's Speech' I have a Dream'
would not have been the same
if it was called 'I have a nightmare'
Because he knew the up & downs
but he also Knew,
It is Through Inspiration That we Have Hope

So Guys Stop This hated Debates,
Because The Solution in solving climate change
Is team Working
What Good is driving & Environmental Friendly vehicle,
if You are a mean person
One Thing certain is That
Love Is what we need Urgent
But I get it, Technology Has Blinded Us
And Clouded Our Common Sense to the point where
if I say we are not separated from nature
many people would start doubting it,
But think about it
when we where born we did not come into the world,
we came out of it,
So the truth is we are nature

So Beloved Parents,
My Call To Action Is Not to Recycle 'But to remember'
What Do we remember You Will ask?

Remember when you step outside nature is alive
Remember, The Rocks are her bones
Remember The Wind is her Voice
Remember When you Breath,
Every Inhale Is Mirrored By An Exhale Of a tree
Remember the Waters you Drink,
Comes From the Streams And Sea,
My Beloved People remember Forth,
That Love is the Greatest renewable Resources
And It Is so Resilient
And Perhaps Most of us Remember us,
We Are 2.2 Billions
And We Chose You to Protect Our Futures,
Not Steal It
Because to End Remember,
You Did not inherit This Earth
like the World Thinks From Our Ancestors,
because the Truth is You are Borrowing it,
From Your Kids When You Don't Heal it

We Need Parents Love In Climate Change
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