Christen Kuikoua Poems

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My Undeniable Love

Day by day
Night by night
I find myself loving you more and more
Every song I sing,

The Morn Of Heart ❤️😢

O heart! Why must you lay your love so bare?
To share your heart and soul with one so dear?

I thought that I was strong enough

Fathers Are Like The Ocean

Fathers are like the ocean,
Vast deep, strong in motion,
Endless depths of love and care,
Always present, always there.

Divinely Crafted: Embracing God's Love And Purpose

In the reflection of divine light, I stand,
A child of God, created by His hand.
Clothed in His image, a vessel of grace,
Chosen and cherished in Heaven's embrace.

Sonnet 1: Lost Love In The Shadows

In distant realms where love's elusive gleams,
I search for traces of what once was true.
A love untamed, lost in forgotten dreams,
A flame once bright, now dimmed and misconstrued.

Threshold Serenity: A Sonnet At My Front Door

Amidst the neighborhood's gentle sway,
I find solace by my front door's embrace.
The world outside may rush and fray,
But here, tranquility finds its rightful place.

Sonnet 2: 'whispers Of An Untold Love'

In the depths of love's vast expanse,
A yearning burns, a desperate chance.
So close, yet words get caught in my throat,
Silent whispers, love's song left to float.

Sonnet 03 Wandering Shadows: The Burden Of Unrequited Love'

In ymest depths, a yearning doth enfold,
An unseeded love, a tale yet untold.
A desirous lover, consumed by woe,
In shadows shrouded, where emotions flow.

God's Masterpiece

In the morn of days, when time was but young,
God's gentle hands beheld, creation sung,
With heavenly art, each soul did He mould,
A masterpiece distinct, with roles untold.

In the Apocalypse of Hell, a warning strong,
Of destruction and judgment, where dark throngs,
Where eyes that sin, must cut to save,
To seek the path, the righteous pave.

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