' Î'Ll Følløw Ýøü ' Poem by Menime Soul

' Î'Ll Følløw Ýøü '

Rating: 2.6

Last night i had a dream,
you and me were in the scene..
Two hearts enveloped as one in the moonlight.

Talking about the past we shared..
Smiling at our future ahead.
Every plan we made felt so right.

But then night was getting tired,
and soon moon then said goodbye..
I woke up with broken pieces,
of dreams inside my eyes.

I know that you are gone,
there's nothing left to do..
But i won't stay alone for long,
soon i'll follow you.

My heart started beating slowly,
without the beat inside of you..
And it can't regain it's pace now,
until i make it back to you.

Is there anything,
you want me to bring you dear..
Anything beside my love for you.

Oh, i'll surely bring guitar,
i know how much you like..
When i play the songs i wrote for you.

And we'll never be apart,
'coz this time it won't be a dream..
Both enveloped in moonlight,
you and me will be there for real.

'Coz now that you are gone,
there's nothing left to do..
No i won't stay alone,
soon i'll follow you.......
i'll always follow you.

Whispering Rose 09 June 2010

nice piece but i really hope you wouldn't follow; i hope your pain goes away soon my friend

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