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I live here where it happened
Revolution burst from these mountains
Rage took over the men
As the enemy took our land

I had from the start
Carried a broken heart
One which endured all grief
And always found a way to forgive

Lonely as the cloud in the sky
Everything makes me cry
Tears that destroy sorrow
And set the path for tomorow

I loved you for no reason
Sometimes it had no meaning
I could see no one but you
And I knew my love was true

People are deaf
they cover their ears for not to hear
the taken life
struglling to survive


I see what you're doing
I can't follow where you're going
I will lead my own way
I will no longer, here, stay

He walks among us
But he's not one of us
He's someone we love but didn't protect
From all the secrets he kept

My dreams have been shatered
I'm only pieces hardly gathered
Crushed with many expectations
Fixed with my own determination

I try to forget
When you are not around I try to live
I know
Soon you are going to leave

Run away and don’t look back
Be strong and get back on track
Hold yourself together
Make yourself better

Waiting for the sun to rise
For the day to bring another surprise
Waiting for my life to start
Carrying a weak torn heart

How can i tell you about my pain
When all i do is walking through the rain
So no one knows I’m crying
And yet I’m still trying


Lonely as I sit here
Drowning in the ocean of my own tears
Thinking of the future near
Looking at dreams shattered by fear

I see them everynight
those ghosts in white
but i see no light
there supposed to be a light


They know who I am
They show the best in me
They hold me together
They make my life better

I hate, crying in silence
And being lonely with people’s presence
I hate standing in darkness
And waiting for happiness

Oceans as wide as the sky
Bring along with every tide
Memories of everything I lost
As if I forgot

I’ve broke my own heart
Let’s just hope the decision was right
I thought I fell in love before
But this was so much more

When the storm comes around
Taking those who have no one to hold
I was lonely and scared
The storm thought I deserved

Between the expectations
And the reality of actions
Across the thorns of dreams
And the traps of hope

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'A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.' W. H. Auden)

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*algeria* My Home

I live here where it happened
Revolution burst from these mountains
Rage took over the men
As the enemy took our land
The injustice of the world
Said all the unspoken words
They fought for over a century
So we can at last be free
They lost over a million soul
And could've lost a mollion more
If it means freedom
If it means honour
ALGERIA, my home, the land of men
Who have fought hand in hand
We shall rise once again

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Unwritten Soul 14 October 2011

Whispering in a poetry, the secret reveal of the heart of a rose..Sad, sweet and smart in poems. The dream of a rose to be bloom, whispered to all universe of her presence..So the perfumed ink of a rose should never stop to write a poetry, this is the talent that only found in this rose not from other roses. For my best friend, Whispering Rose wish you a good journey of life and keep your writing alive...make it grow even in a desert..The work should never end coz along our life there's always something to tell...and it nature, and you a part of it, a whispering rose..keep writing and whisper in poetry my best friend :) Happy Birthday! _Unwritten Soul

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Abhay Vignesh L 10 March 2011

Most of your poems are impressive...Keep up the good work..

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Whispering Rose Popularity

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