Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

Lonely Path - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

After a long time
I wake up from a long dream
I gotta know today
No one is truly mine
No one was and is mine
I feel like I wake up from long dream
All are fake
All are for temporary period
I cried, I screamed, I shouted
In the end I came to know no one is besides me to come
I tried to hide my tears inside my eyes
However it flow like a lonely river eagerly waiting to meet its ocean
Then I tried to hide my face inside my coat
Whereas my coat refused me to behave me like a failure or dump person
Then I move forward in a lonely road with a big hope
One day I gonna reach at my destination like the river
While walking alone
I saw a new born butterfly smile at me just like she was mocking at my situation
She was indicating her life is far better than me
It made me cry more
Then she repents her mistake and told me her story
There was a time she was moth and hated by many
But now she is beautiful butterfly who is loved by all
Now everyone try to touch her but she refuse all as she became butterfly due to her situation
She taught me a beautiful life lesson when you feel your life is going to end
That’s the starting point of your next life
So never give up and never lose hope
I move forward with little confident
Then I meet a tree without fruit and leaves
I asked what is happening
Are you all right
Then the tree answer me
It’s nature’s rule
Onetime come when you have to lose your everything
Then in the next moment you further get your everything
This is spring so I have to lose my everything
Wait for rain
You gotta find everything
This is nature’s rule
You can’t have everything in every time
I became more confident after getting the nature’s lesson
I move forward with a hope one day I’ll get my all lost people and love
Then I meet a female Chameleon
I constantly look at her activities
It astonished me how she can change her color time to time
I asked Chameleon, how can she do like this
She smiled and answered to save herself from society
This society is very rude so god has gifted this quality to save herself from her enemies
She taught me a beautiful life lesson you have to change yourself time to time to save yourself
After getting a valuable life lesson I feel more confident and move forward with great hope
I couldn’t understand how I reach at my destination without any support
I didn’t feel lonely in my lonely path
I felt like I got many friends who are better than humans
Who taught me valuable life lessons?
Which I can use for life progress
I may be lonely but my nature is with me
I love my animals and this beautiful nature
Who is my best friend from now?
I gonna live my life with my best friends
They all taught me beautiful life lessons
I gonna use it from now
I promise to myself I’ll never cry and I’ll stay strong for forever
In this world no one is truly yours
When bad time comes even your shadow also leaves you alone
That’s why I gonna live alone
As I know no one gonna help me
I born alone and one day I gonna left this world alone
So why I’ll cry, why I’ll worry and for whom
Ah, I am happy today
As I am free from many tensions
I got my all answers
I feel like I got a new life today
I gonna make my rest life as best life
Oh, my nature you are my bestest friend
Thanks for the beautiful life lessons

Topic(s) of this poem: life, lifestyle, pain

Form: Epic

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