Lonely Planet Part Three Poem by shuvo chakraborty

Lonely Planet Part Three

There is living after death, there is death before life,
Ordinary living which is in scrambles of destituteness,
Destituteness of idealism, of knowledge meaningful, of utter candidness.
Dull realities of weeds, weeds of rampant ignorance, averment
Of void words, springing of spiteful heart, absolute somersault in name of tender love.
Arguing mouths over nonest invite mockery of solemn respect
Fragile words serve no one save ignoble moral.
Fatigue soul of hopelessness is only strainfull over kindle expectation.
There is no way out for exploration of meditating symbols,
Vanquising the fancies angel, bosoming the devils squirrels,
Being frank with ruthlessness, expelling all the soft ethos.
Still there is living after death, there is absolute death before living.
How far ye may travel in futile flight
You wont get any light at any cost in this gloomy universe
That I can vouchsafe my dear.
Hence switch off all destineless creative lights
Which poorly flicker over plagiarist grave
In vain name of imagination.

How much pain bears the death dead only knows,
Death denies us the sweetness of rainy night, the glimpse of perfumed flower,
The full moon nights charm with beloved, caressing soft hand of her.
It afraids fools and ignorants not the wise,
People hardly imagine the grandeur of diminishing effect of it
On the living with soft treading of departing age.
Who knows when the dead men return to us
Save in the hair raising dreams at dawn
Mocking the poor existence of living.
What differs the dead and living?
Nothing my friends save the bodily existence of dull looking faces.
Who loiter in the speeding earth in shape of human
Who ferries mundane happiness in ugly shaped manner
Deny the deaths righteous place in laughing perseverance.
Till The gravitational force without any remorse
Consumes them against lives all odds,
Poor soul finds ultimate rest in all forgotten dusty picture.

Her image haunts ever
Like the fairy mysterious in castle old on midnight bell,
Have lighthtning effect over cadence of life
Littered the lives spirit
That fly like flakes around the life.
She was snow, an absolute snow
Unblemish, white and spotless,
Beauties true daughter in all sense
With solemn gorgeousness of high peaked mountain,
Ever radiant with maiden sunlight of deep appreciation,
Ever graceful over unknown mountain flowers
Who enhance her beauty more in lives lower saddle.
She is an appropriate flower to be kept in nature
Where each will grace one another like twin sisters.
The castle of dream stand as it is in airy hue
The midnight bell rung routinely in the dreamers heart,
But her vanishing indifferent image
Lent another bad name to frail dream
Whose mischief are endless, a deceiving elf
In lives tough dry turf.

What is god? Whats religion?
High philosophy is the god and humanity is religion.
In orient blind faith predominates in name of religion
And irreligiosity in all forms of sins
Finds comfortable excuse in name of god.
Behold my poor nation
Epitome of darnkness of dungeon
Where citizens merrily plays with utter ignorance
Berft of all light of true education.
Our colonial master discreetly use only that curriculum
In vain name of education producing slaves and faithful servants
Suitable their needs, not the western great philosophy and verse.
So even after long years of freedom
Utter darkness lording our country men like Dantes Hell.
Our oriental religions are our biggest enemy
Safely preventing the free flow of western air of freedom
Freedom from meaningless rituals, freedom of women
From bondage of marriage and all form of sufferings inhuman from male made society.
Spanish did great job in their domination by converting their subjects to chirstianity
Which British could not for narrow interest, left us in perpetual darkness by giving meaningless freedom,
So we are rotting, so the society and my great nation.
Crimes of deadliest form pollute the blood of my brothers.

Whats wrong if I fly in the safe world of fantasy?
Whats wrong if I forever drown myself in the claret of great western poems?
Being hopeless and hapless about my blind co citizens
Who form poor company for my mental state
I renounce all my oriental creeds and pale religious belief
I deplore this male made society, another bad name of cruelty
Over fair sex, over the poor and helpless.
Exploiting politicians, government servants and rich
Have formed an axis of evils looting all wealth of nation.
Ineffective governance, incompetent bureaucracy
And filling of all posts in every educational institutions by counterfeits teachers
Have crippled the nation, only to be taken over by powerful neighbor.
We are on verge of losing our precious freedom
By our own cultivated fallacies.
Situation is so grim
Even good faith is refusing to team up with us.
So it it wise to take a silent flight to a distant forest or high hill
To befriend the reliant solitude in true name of Lord.
Away, away, why am I still dither my final flight
With soft wing of fancy faster to cooling zone.
Adieu my friends, adieu my nation,
Allow me to sneak out from these hars realities
Which my tender poetical sense is too incapable to bear.

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