Long Trails Poem by William Kofoed

Long Trails

Vibram lugs 2 inches thick
for edge work back when
I was so young
with mountains to climb

the leather uppers
with mink oil spread
in the oven baked
again and again

Mountains I climbed
and dusty trails walked
like friends of old
they still remain

in dark of night
as I do cry
in fear I tremble
and wonder why

dreams of youth
in spring of years
golden sunshine
that could never and

a orange back pack
on aluminum frame
4000 cubes
that so much held

Baseball mitts
and skiing wax
holstered canteens
and hammocks of string

wonder I now
just what it will hold
if the long road
my feet will find

when does come
new dawn breaks
life begins again
and death flees away

a sleeping bag filled
with hollofil II
will it then replace
my King size bed

nightmares were then
a distant unfelt thing
words on the news
unknown to me

if healthy lived
kept active mind
dreams then could grow
keep nightmares at bay

yet dreams now do end
golden sun does set
dark of night will fall
cannot be held at bay

again take up my staff
and the backpack fill
sturdy boots again to wear
and on the road go away

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