Look Behind Poem by Oduro Bright Amoh

Look Behind

The very first step of life
Essentially determines the strength of the last.
Though we plod with tears and sweat our way forward,
We ought not neglect our backs.
Look behind!
Lest, your bovine past come devouring
The jolly sweetness of your grassy present.

Remember those you left behind:
The jocund admiration of puerile friendliness.
Those that broke your ribs with laughter.
Those that filled your heart with warmth.
Look behind
Lest you may not know when they fall off the road,
When their legs break from this life’'s journey
Or just so you know the point at which they got lost

Don’t forget those who made you you
The ones that cared for you when you didn’t care
The ones on whose shoulders you shed your first tears
The ones whose brightness shone for you in your gloomy years
Look behind
Lest you might not feel the acerbity in their sighs
Or that you may not hear their living dirges

Throw your eyes back at those who hated you
Those who tried to pull you down
The very ones whose malicious provocations gingered you to soar high
Who vowed to make your efforts fruitless
Look behind
Otherwise, you can’t rejoice at the shame written in their eyes
Or you may not see them hiding at the sound of the shuffle of your feet

If nothing at all, just look behind
At least, to know from where you made it to here,
To measure the height of your successful exploits
And get the real picture of how you ought to enjoy
Look behind
If even for once
Just look behind

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
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