Oduro Bright Amoh

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Oduro Bright Amoh Poems

1. Rhyme Blues 10/9/2013
2. This Moment Of Weakness My Weakness 3/10/2014
3. Why Die If You May Yet Live 3/10/2014
4. Enough Of What Literature Can Tell 3/10/2014
5. Of A Lunatic 3/16/2014
6. Right To Remain Silent 4/4/2014
7. Unrequited Love 4/17/2014
8. To My Rose 4/17/2014
9. Read, My Son, Read Not 4/17/2014
10. With You Without You 4/17/2014
11. My Beginning Is Now 5/15/2014
12. Why Hell Again 5/16/2014
13. Foolish Gentleman 6/11/2014
14. Temptation 6/11/2014
15. Let's Love Today 7/16/2014
16. Contemplating Marriage 7/16/2014
17. Love Birds 7/18/2014
18. Moment Of Madness 7/22/2014
19. Kiss From A Distant Love 8/16/2014
20. I Will Never Miss You 8/16/2014
21. A Picture Of You 8/18/2014
22. Count Me A Failure 8/18/2014
23. Steal My Speech 8/28/2014
24. Haiku 8/31/2014
25. A Mermaid 's Tear 8/31/2014
26. Dream Again And Again 8/31/2014
27. Poems Of Sadness 9/29/2014
28. Seed Of Revenge 10/1/2014
29. Why Those Old Men Frown 10/15/2014
30. Loneliness 10/21/2014
31. Heart, Fall 1/7/2015
32. See, What Do You See 4/20/2015
33. The Wisdom Of Folly 5/20/2015
34. A Shadow's Sonnet 10/18/2015
35. Secret Love 10/19/2015
36. A Broken Poem 8/2/2016
37. Black Sheep 8/2/2016
38. The Beast In That Beauty 2/20/2017
39. Teary Blood -new- 3/12/2018
40. Natural -new- 3/12/2018

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That's Why I Write

Whenever I pick my pen
To let my muddled thoughts flow,
Words fly helter skelter from my brain
Like a flock of sheep pursued by a lion.
I write to watch grief float away into oblivion
Like dandelion seeds ruffled by a mischievous wind.
Like the smirk lurking on Cupid's cheeks as he scurries away
After the  crime of love is perpetrated,
I write to carry out the mischief of pricking  with laughter.
And as I watch millilitre by millilitre my ink spin art upon wood,
I smile darkly with an air of one
Whose nefarious plans have come to fruition.
I write so ...

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Of A Lunatic

Left to right and left to right again, he turns.
Something should be found,
Something beats his brain.
He prods his mind again and again.
This loss is weird.
Amid the cold of night, the gentle breezes sing.
The leaves dance to the windy tune in near silence.
The silver clouds lose their beauty.
Down, left, down, right and again, his eyes flash,

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