I Was Dreaming Poem by Oduro Bright Amoh

I Was Dreaming

Rating: 3.0

Alone, a lonely night with dull light from the  moon shining,
I, when all cares had been cared for, was upon my bed reclining,
My feet  were weak from walking
My lips were shut from talking
My lazy head from worry were keeping.
My  blood shot eyes were shut and I was sleeping.
What followed then, of course was I dreaming
That far away, beyond a silvern water streaming
A little tuneful sound from beneath the gentle ripples was ringing,
And as I hearkened, my eyes beheld and ears did hear a tuna singing.
Of course I have heard what sounds like songs from cattle grazing
And seen some queer things which was in themselves amazing.
A strange specie it is; the human being.
His eyes never weary from and are never content with seeing.
I hear some curious ones have seen a jackal laughing,
And fearless ones have met a mermaid bluffing.
But that a fish should with so enchanting
A voice sing renders the heart panting.
Yet even fear cowers when the eyes long to reach the view as exciting
As this. Curiosity adds to make such things inviting!
Slowly, closer and closer was I drawing
But farther and farther the song seemed withdrawing.
The nearer and nearer to it my feet were bringing
The farther and farther I heard the singing.
I stopped and this strange phenomenon was pondering,
Wonders of wonders! My brain was wondering.
Then the tuneful fish spoke these words, ' I know you are trying
To find the reason for this singing and crying'
My head was lost with reason seeking
Why a tuna was singing and now is even speaking.
I replied with both body and voice shaking
'If you can give, why would I refuse taking'
It stared with deep blue eyes into my eyes as if scanning
If it could tell from my eyes what my head was planning,
Then bowed and sighed, and with sadness showing
Blinked its eyes and tears began flowing.
''What painful life this is', it began lamenting.
'I tell you man, this life is tormenting'
I was a king once, I once was one who received sweet treating,
I could tell who needed or who didn't need a beating
The affairs of my empire I was running
And whoever ought to die, down was I gunning'
At this it stopped and was weeping
And then, with eyes shut at once was silent as if it was sleeping.
What story this was that was so compelling!
I besought it to continue what it was it was telling.
Just then I heard another thing loudly singing
Alas! It was my alarm clock ringing.
And now whenever I am about sleeping and dreaming
I pray that my dream carries me beyond the silvern water streaming
Just so I may be to an end my burning curiosity bringing
As to why that sad tuna was singing.
As for that alarm clock which had my dream spoiling,
It too will be spoiling.

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,dreams
Abekah Emmanuel 16 September 2014

Indeed, life is full of complexities. This poem is thought provoking and well written. Keep it up!

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