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Looking Through The Window

I stand outside in the solmn darkness
Cold, wet, and alone
The rain is beating on my face
As loud as my heart is beating
I hear it falling hard against the window
I see the rain drops fall down the window
Like the tears fall down my checks
I smell the freshness of the rain
Meeting the bitter smell of the salty ocean behind me
I look through the window

I see everyone happy
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George Smith 19 September 2011

I needed a poem about windows for a motif project for a book i am reading. This poem fits perfectly and is a great poem. Keep at it!

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Ashley Anderson 25 January 2006

man....i know i used to feel just like you...honestly i did...but i dont anymore...i cant really explain why or how i dont anymore but i dont feel that way anymore...i finally realized some stuff and accepted them and life seems to be getting a little better every day...i wish i could help you, but if you ever need someone to talk to me...you can talk to me on myspace or email/IM me at XxBrokenAngel16x btw....i could relate to that poem...it was good but so sad...but i liked it!

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