Imaanah Saleem

Lost - Poem by Imaanah Saleem


I will get lost.

As a person walking through the forest alone.
Barely able to see when she's home.
Hard of hearing when someone speaks truth.
And convinced that I know what I don't.
I will, most definitely, get lost.

But I know where I'm going.

Sometimes I get confused.
I search for the signs.
Try to hear words that aren't mine.
Judge them afterwards to see that they're right.
And find myself stared away from truth.

Is this the right way?

I heard a yes in this direction.
A know a little while after I began to walk.
I make a turn to correct myself.
Only to find that I can't.
Now, no way is right.

Where am I?
What am I doing?

I haven't the slightest clue.
But I know where I'm going.

That is, towards the way where all there is piece.
I may feel some pain.
But it doesn't matter.
If it's right, it doesn't matter.
I have dues.
I rather pay than ever dear refuse.
Love The One that is truly in control.
Be obedient, so that It would be please.
Remember It for every second that It sees.

That's always.

Where am I?
What am I doing?

I don't know.
But I know where I'm going.

I took a trip, and then later bumped into a tree.
So many trials I find are ahead of me.
I feel the pain and the ease with every stroke.
I experience fear and comfort.
At times, my confused states are resolved.
I continue to walk.

There were times when I did things I knew were wrong.
Times I did things wrong when I didn't know.
Times when I couldn't help falling.
Times when I sat down and wouldn't even crawl.

For all those times, I know there's no good reward to come.
Rewards I have to deal with will be my plight.
I used to work to sway The Lord El's decisions.
Now I just live, and pray It guides me aright.
In truth, It is fare when ever I am not.
For It I live.
Truly I do not know the reason.
But I enjoy existing in It during every season.

Ahezaah is love, and surely It surrounds.
There for me throughout my ups and downs.
All It gives, when nothing I deserve.
I have to say, I am grateful for the curves.
I live comforted by the fact that I can't get away.
It protects me.
With It I wish to stay.

I'm wandering, remembering that my goal.
Is to be good for The One that holds.
To ignore all the clouting that tends to trouble my mind.
To walk through the fog.
No matter how thick, I just keep walking.

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