Shueyb Boyer

Rookie (03/19/1979 / Paramaribo, Suriname)

Lost In Love - Poem by Shueyb Boyer

My destination was HATE!
Ever since I lost faith,
Hope left too,
So now in pain my broken heart marinates
So I walked…
Lonely and wounded on a dark jarring road named jealousy lane
I walked for miles until I met misery at envy high way
Misery kept me company so together we walked
Without a care
Without fear
Every one stared
They whispered amongst their selves
We were just waiting to be pushed or dared.
WHAT…..! ?
I told you,
My destination was HATE!
I stopped to rest
It had to be somewhere on court street
Because the judge and his juries where present
The jury stereotyped me and there after the judge judged me
But before they could sentenced me
I rushed out of there and didn’t look behind me
Nor around me
I dint even notice that misery was no longer with me
The street I walk on all of a sudden seem more downy
Sun light brightens up the sky
There are birds so beautiful music surrounds me
There are bee’s so beautiful flowers all around me
There are butterflies I never ate any but they flutter in me
And there, there was faith…
Hovering over her like a halo
Her eyes milky, white with hazel in the right and brown in the left eye
Her hair thick and long it looks like folded wings when I look with a closed eye
Her skin smooth and rich it looks like gold in the sun but like brown sugar in the moon light
Her lips thick with a hint of cherry and strawberry I could only imagine what the fusion would taste like
Her smile,
Ohhh what a smile, that would make my knees buckle and cave as if they weren’t mine
A smile that could mend a shattered heart and give and take a beat and a purpose in life
A smile that could make a lost soul find the straight path back to life
A smile so wonderful, so peaceful, and so endearing spoke to me
And there, there was hope…
And I forgot what my destination was,
I was either somewhere on lovers lane or either lost in love.

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