Amelia Patterson

Lost In Queen - Poem by Amelia Patterson

Somebody find me
a reason why everyone
doesn't wish to rush Headlong
and become a Killer Queen fan.

Queen, when I listen to your lyrics,
I become lost in Radio GaGa.
And since I know that
Friends Will Be Friends,
someone will be there to help me
Break Free.

Such profanity-free songs
make me want to find a
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy.
The mood I'm put in
Must be some Kind of Magic.
I'm amped to learn
in Barcelona,
and take a vacation to the
Seven Seas of Rhye.

Just One Year of Love
in the Queendom
is enough to make you Want It All.
You Don't Fool Me
when you to not be a fan.
Living On My Own
I would be sure there must
be someone who enjoys this music.

Every year I
Thank God It's Christmas,
so I can buy more paraphernalia to prove
that although Freddie's gone,
The Show Must Go On,
for Who Wants To Live Forever
without him?
And any hater is
Another One who Bites The Dust.

When I fell in love with Queen,
it was a sort of Bohemian Rhapsody.
I felt Stone Cold Crazy,
like this could be
Heaven for Everyone.

Yet I must note that
It's A Hard Life,
and not everyone is able
to appreciate Mercury's four-octave voice.
But with the help of technology and knowledge,
I can Breakthru and spread the music.
And the effort to do so is
Driven By You, Queen.
But then again, to enjoy this,
we hardly need to use our ears.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 16, 2012

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