Shiloh Thompson

Love - Poem by Shiloh Thompson

Rain streaking down the glass,
Racing towards the ground,
The glass standing steadfast,
Keeping out the wet and cold.

A greasy café smoking section,
White clouds of noxious fumes,
Swirling in the potent ozone,
Dancing upon the stagnant air.

A lonesome girl in men’s attire,
Burnt out like the end of a cigarette,
Sipping on her tenth cup of coffee,
As she waits for her love to write.

Half a world away, he sits there,
In the middle of a war zone,
He looks at her picture, smiling,
Dreaming of seeing her face.

Dust swirling upon the wind,
Leaving a red film on everything,
The heat searing the dried ground,
Nothing untouched by its touch.

A bombed-out house his refuge,
The rubble streaked with soot,
As smoke whirls from distant fires,
Agitated by the chopper blades.

In the heat of his sweltering day,
And the dark cold of her night,
Thinking of only each other,
Time seems to stop altogether.

When these two souls collide,
The world revolves around them,
Nothing daring to move an inch,
For fear of destroying their bond.

But what is this everlasting bond?
It goes much deeper than affection,
It transcends physical attraction,
It is that mysterious force we call…

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 10, 2008

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