Love And Money Poem by qin xing

Love And Money

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When love encounter money or money is corrupted by love,
or love decreases the value of money. The money will slowly destroy love,
words of love can cloud one judgement; love weakens the value of money,
The sweet moon can also be moved once.
Love can be fascinating and inviting when money is used. When love is
exchanged for money, maybe love can last longer; use money to buy love, love is
likely to last forever.
Love is the scholarly knowledge, MOney is a soldier. Soldiers will
command the harvest of love, love is exchanged for money, command
is the rule, the money is by faith, the command is executed,
otherwise love will instantly vanish.
Love is of the Oriental culture, the money is of the Western culture.
Oriental culture seeks permanence, Western culture
advocating peer exchange and instant passion. Permanence
requires true facts, instant passion just confuses the mind.
Love is the Oriental woman, the money is the Western man, a woman's
love still linger in the Eastern culture, the Western men love to get more money
to harvest. Oriental women suffer when the Western men take their money,
the money has become a slave for a woman, or a woman's money
is cumbersome. Women became a slave to the money, will lose
the woman's life and happiness; Money is unmanageable and a burden for a woman.A
woman will quickly abandon the rational way of thinking.
Love is supreme in the Oriental culture, the money dominates the Western
culture. Sacrificing love in the oriental culture, is like
the Western culture fighting for money. When the East and the West clash over love
, the money becomes the values of the East vs West game.

Translated by Tak

a sad and happy story
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