Love And Peace Poem by Francis Duggan

Love And Peace

Rating: 5.0

Oh the wind that's soughing tonight
Through the pine trees seem to say
The sinful yet may see God's light
Love and peace may come some day.

The simple thing called love
Comes directly from the heart
Give your neighbour's car a shove
If it's engine fails to start.

You will find love in the Spring
Robin with the orange red breast
Worms each day she will bring
To her nestlings in their nest.

Love is in a mother's face
As she holds her newly born
A new member of the human race
Is living his first morn.

Peace is by a quiet hill
Far from the noisy city street
Where beauty touch tranquil
And Earth and Heaven seem to meet.

Peace is sitting by a mountain rill
In the summery month of May
Listening to a chaffinch trill
On a mild and sunny day.

Peace is when the cruel war ends
Silencing the bombs that slay
And enemies become friends
And the guns are put away.

But this old World with hate is filled
There is still a loss of life
Each day more people are killed
Victims of the gun and knife.

But the wind that's oughing tonight
Through the tall and stately pine
Seem to say things may come right
Love and peace may come sometime.

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