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Love-Dangerous But Immortal - Poem by ronik braveheart

Ever since we met for the first time,
since then the life has changed of mine.
The absolute beauty that the nature could create,
that even the god basks, regarding her fate.
'o thy love is true' said by the wise,
let we both come together,
till the nature's demise.

But the days of togetherness,
could not last long,
because the elders were relentless,
in thier confession on our love song.
From that day, we both are facing the pains of seperation,
but my love, ' nothing can now go under manifestation.'
Lets forget the past and see the future,
what do you see,
your soul living the hell's life and longing for me! ! .

so my love, lets run away from here,
let not the devil pierce it's fangs through each and every layer.
Meet me tonight at the seashore at nine,
for after that, thou will be forever mine.

In the evening, their am I,
talking to myself but with no reply.
it doesn't matter whether it is dawn or dusk,
i can always smell her terrific musk.
o this beautiful sky,
thine infinte azure,
would be just like our love for sure.
i am the sea, she's the sky,
both meeting where the horizon lie.
But the horizon is far far away,
but we both will do anything to get there,
even if it meant for us to sway.

The more the needle ticks towards nine,
the more demented is the brain of mine.
the time has come my love,
it's time to leave the wicked elders,
who could be the hurdles.

With every next moment,
the waves of mine rise higher and higher,
some kind of unstability in me(sea) ,
and the darkness pervades she(sky) .
it's as if the sea couldn't resist the darkness pervading the sky,
and i could feel the dissappearance of the view, where horizon lie.

Now i am tempting for her presence,
where is she? where is she? ?
it's quarter past nine,
and the needles are in a straight line,
i can envision these needles to be both of us,
pointing opposite to each other,
but these envision are not good,
I have given a terrible blow to my mood.

These mere thoughts are hurting my soul,
and the sea waves trying to engulf me whole.
All of the composure, i possesed is lost,
i want her to be here at any cost.
so much dejected, and so much pain,
waiting for her but all in vain.
it's nearly half past ten,
am i in a lions den,
not knowing what to do,
where is she? where is she? ?

Has she decided not to come,
oh! this is fearsome,
does all of this means nothing to her,
how can she betray me,
has she come under the influence of the wicked one.
My mind undergoing huge transformations,
I WAS WRONG, somethings going under manifestation.
the sea waves getting disturbed,
and the sky as black as it could be,
the seemingly endless pain is surely deceasing me,
am i beginning to hate her,
where is she? where is she? ?

i am extremely demorolized,
tired of bearing pain given by her.
she will have to pay for this,
the love has disappeared in the mist.
what the hell am i doing on this shore,
she exists in the world no more.
it's exactly twelve in the midnight,
both of the needles one above other,
but this means nothing to me anymore,
these are nothing but local lore.

The clouds coming closer,
looking so dissatisfied,
and the sea waves grew more higher,
trying to pull me back inside,
but i showed no resistance,
as the waves whipped me off the shore,
and then, there's..... nothing........... to say anymore.

I could see her reaching there, lamenting fiercely,
and the mighty downpour from the sky.
But fighting through mighty waves,
she did not give up.
The strong will of hers,
through which she managed to grasp my hand,
was turbulently broken,
when she realized the truth,
from my menacing look.

The grasp is broken,
the old memory of beautiful past rising in me,
'I hate her' how could it be! ! ,
but it was too late,
the last words i could say to her

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  • Jazib Kamalvi (9/6/2017 1:05:00 AM)

    Write comment. Imagination, Ronik. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks (Report) Reply

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  • Romeo Della Valle (5/8/2011 11:02:00 AM)

    A well crafted and poignant write! Heartfelt and full of depth and imagery! 10+++ Keep it up, you got what it takes to make through the Poetry's World, talent! Love and Peace for always! ... (Report) Reply

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