Love Dried Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

Love Dried

Each passing night I've found solace
love is structured on instinct and knowledge
I could leave this tonight and feel the sting of a lifetime
We made a promise one day
and never would I imagine
things could get this tough
knife penetrated the skin, cutting me deep into the surface
Not even stitches can heal the wounds at which i feel
I've falling down onto the ground,
tell me what's the purpose
tell me what's our purpose
tell me if you're certain
I don't trust this affection
is this all a lesson?
I'm fighting hard to keep us alive

what goes sour, will expire
will expire, expire, expire, expire
what goes sour, will expire
will expire, expire, expire, expire

What moment did love fail?
Gone in separate directions
distant hearts cast a trail
drove the engine into destruction

It's where we are
Cost us the scars
I know if i'm hurting you
you must be hurting me too
What do we do
now that we know
if i'm hurting you, you're hurting me,
i'm hurting you, you're hurting too
My shattered heart
lies on the ground
I know i'm hurting you
then you hurt me too

Tears from my eyes
creates a storm
a sea of pain
together, we both drown
tidal waves, hit you
swimming to get away
but luck
doesn't offer you an escape
damn you!
drifting into the depths
of heartache, sorrow, pain

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: heartache,heartbreak,love,pain,painful,relationship,relationships
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