Marcquiese Burrell Poems

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I Never Stopped Loving You

I've been involved with plenty in my life
and I was never happy
Some days I'd questioned in my mind
Will I ever find somebody to love me?

I Don'T Know What To Tell You

You're smothering, i'm struggling
wanting to be anywhere around you
every move I make you're watching
all day you sit around plotting


Loss seem to bring a feeling of sorrow
Loss seem to make you feel hollow

Loss of someone close can make you shed tears

Why Do You Love Me?

Why do you love me is the question I always ask
When i tend to nag needing your attention
Getting more demanding when you don't move fast
why do I love you, if you really want to know

Lack Of Love (Disappointment)

Seems I set myself up for failure without knowledge of knowing
You've lacked what I need, and I found myself disappointed each and everyday
See, I've become unhappy.... but, I made no effect to exit from this
Being in denial, I was holding myself hostage in a unhealthy situation

Abusive Lover

I loved you tender, I loved you passionately
Everytime I think about you it's bittersweet
I'll always love you but you've dealt with me as if casually
Hurting me with lies and deceit


The time is now to reveal
What I've felt for so long
After feeling caged and unhappy
Allow me to introduce myself

What Is Love? (I)

Love is a gift, I'll value it.
Love is an adventure, i'm exploring it,
Love is a mystery, I'll study it,
Love is a puzzle, I'll solve it.

Wedding Vows (I)

I found a home there in your heart
I found a love there in your eyes
I found a mate there in your soul
I'm no longer half, i'm whole

Have You Ever?

Have there ever been a time you've fallen in love,
And they've never cared?
have you ever felt you were living a lie
but gave your all, though they were never there?

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