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I've been involved with plenty in my life
and I was never happy
Some days I'd questioned in my mind
Will I ever find somebody to love me?

You're smothering, i'm struggling
wanting to be anywhere around you
every move I make you're watching
all day you sit around plotting

Why do you love me is the question I always ask
When i tend to nag needing your attention
Getting more demanding when you don't move fast
why do I love you, if you really want to know


Loss seem to bring a feeling of sorrow
Loss seem to make you feel hollow

Loss of someone close can make you shed tears

Seems I set myself up for failure without knowledge of knowing
You've lacked what I need, and I found myself disappointed each and everyday
See, I've become unhappy.... but, I made no effect to exit from this
Being in denial, I was holding myself hostage in a unhealthy situation

I loved you tender, I loved you passionately
Everytime I think about you it's bittersweet
I'll always love you but you've dealt with me as if casually
Hurting me with lies and deceit

The time is now to reveal
What I've felt for so long
After feeling caged and unhappy
Allow me to introduce myself

Love is a gift, I'll value it.
Love is an adventure, i'm exploring it,
Love is a mystery, I'll study it,
Love is a puzzle, I'll solve it.

I found a home there in your heart
I found a love there in your eyes
I found a mate there in your soul
I'm no longer half, i'm whole

Have there ever been a time you've fallen in love,
And they've never cared?
have you ever felt you were living a lie
but gave your all, though they were never there?

Traveled down a 5mile long path
Left me paralyzed physically and mentally i've become feeble
until the day I discovered a different road
A road which led to my emancipation

Can you remember the times we've spent together
Sharin' the days I thought forever we'd last
But soon discovered a friend and my whole world shattered
After all the romancing am I glad I didn't move into this fast

In america we recognize
the pride within our hearts
For we have been terrorized
the loss of many, provides us grief,

Shower me with your hate and fear
i'm to strong to be in tears
kill me with your jealousy and whispers
eventually you'll surrender

if you think you have lost, you have not. the war is not over
life's battles go to he who knows he can
They will tell you it can't be done
negativity is of the enemy

The very thing I loved is now gone
And I don't know how else to move on
I lock up my tears and allow the pain to build
Time won't allow me none to heal

No matter night or day
I can't keep myself away
And I can't shake you
When I look into

Loving you effortlessly comes natural
All I wanna do is make love with you
And It's a fantasy that has come true
I would do for love what I wouldn't do

I'm still only focused on what I‘m tryna pursue
Breakin' records, that's a smash,
From my view
You Steady bragging bout cash you put no time into


You don't wanna talk no more
You don't mean a thing
I'll watch this fall like dominoes
You're gonna feel the sting

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I Never Stopped Loving You

I've been involved with plenty in my life
and I was never happy
Some days I'd questioned in my mind
Will I ever find somebody to love me?

I've experimented which later i'd regret
Every move I ever made was just not enough
to help with the pain inside my heart, i'd find
Myself held in your embrace, once upon a time

I closed my eyes, allowing you inside
You've found a world not many have discovered
Exploring the hidden part of me
as we've connect almost instantly

your arms wrapped around my waist, time spent alone together,
you whispering in my ear, Late nights on the telephone,
Dinner and a movie, Our display of public affection
Everything about you burns in my memory
As I would yearn to feel the feeling all over again
like I did, back in the day, my dear sweet friend

I kept you in my heart
baby, I never stopped loving you
I ain't ever going to do it
I can't ever go through with it
baby, you're still in my heart
and I'll never stop loving you

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Marcquiese Burrell Quotes

You'll love me and can't get enough of me

Emotionally or mentally weak people are people who will love then lose love for the same person and after the breakup will implement a no friending exes policy

I don't want a gift a can't return to sender

You're seeing me in HD, I'm some high quality

Love should be a reflection of yourself.

I'm not one to fall in love easy but when i fall, I falls so hard, i'd bruise easily

Save the stuff you're spewing for the toilette.

You can't expect someone cheap to appreciate someone whose too much, too much = expensive and if you're expensive, you are above and beyond settling for less.

When god removes negative people and their negative energy, watch how blessed your life will become. The burden of the weight of their presence have held you back for so long, you start to SEE and understand why things wasn't moving forward... if there's anyone I can count on, I know it's the Lord.

If you can't be a good friend, You won't be a good lover.

I'll sell you a fantasy but the reality is that you can't get me.

Honesty holds power that repels the weak...

You may have been tossed aside as if you were trash but remember -that to someone much worth it- will treaure what they have found in you...

I won't give you the title, if you don't know how to be it.

Don't allow your past to conflict with your present. If you are to have a successful life, you got to move out of the past and live in your present.

You don't always have to do something fancy just to prove you like someone... try doing something simple. Even the most extravagant people enjoy simplicity.

You say i can't but i know i can

Challenges provide you with the opportunities to grow, learn and evolve in life...

Smile even when things aren't looking so good. Know that things get better and that may take time but that it will happen.

I never cared about making love to the body, I care more about making love to the mind.

Death isn't to mourn those we have lost, but rejoice that they have lived a full life, and had came into our lives to have made an impact before being called home.

Clarity of mind feels good when you've relaxed and unwind.

My life is filled with love and positivity not hate and negativity...

I've learned that being single is much better than being in a relationship with no substance and no value which undermines the worth of the relationship.

Stormy weathers do pass and the sun will always shine afterwards.

Watch what you do around people, especially if they are first meeting you, remember, the first impression is a lasting impression. so make sure you carry yourself accordingly

I am the sun, I'll make you bloom.

it ain't a loss on your end, if they couldn't be faithful then that was their loss because the grass isn't greener on the otherside and they will find that out once it happens.

You're often a product of your upbringing. When you were raised in a two parent household, you understand the value of being in a relationship better than those who were raised in broken homes. Though there's an exception to this rule, most who were raised in broken homes teach themselves how to not repeat the curse they've experienced growing up because they want better for themselves and in life.

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