Love In Admiration Poem by Kenneth Davis

Love In Admiration

Love in Admiration by Kenny Davis

When I love HER in admiration
I find myself feeling an overwhelming sensation
In awe of the beauty of one of God’s creations
Competing for HER heart in the mists of my utter desperation
Our love, nothing more than sheer imagination

When I love HER, I admire
HER inner beauty, as well as, HER outward attire
Gazing at HER, setting my heart and soul on fire
Wishing HER heart was something I could acquire
Fulfilling, but only one of my most dearest desires

Why do I love and admire HER in discretion
Knowing that I deeply want this connection
Perhaps to continue to leave my heart in protection
Though I find it hard to deny my affection
I must continue this bit of lies and deception
Despite spending my life in depression

How do I love and admire HER from afar
When SHE is constantly on my mind and my heart
When I want anything but to drift us further apart

How do I deny my love, admiration, and attraction
When my feelings for HER provide such a distraction
Wanting to hold HER in my arms at every interaction
It’s these feeling that causes my heart’s retraction

I do love and admire HER, but fail to look her in HER eyes
The kind that’s like the beauty of stars in the skies
I want to tell her how I feel, despite all my tries
This hinders me from forming any emotional ties

My admiration for HER makes want to sing
Makes my spirit as bright as the sunshine of spring
SHE has stolen my heart and gave it wings
That makes me feel like I can conquer anything

With all this boldness, why not tell HER of my love
That SHE is the one I constantly think of
That I know SHE is an angel sent from above
With the beauty, purity, and rarity of the white dove

Take the beauty of the rare, white rose
HER beauty is more superior, from HER head to HER toes
If only SHE knew deep my love for HER goes
But for right now, only God and I know

Though my love for HER soars higher and higher
It might be as risky as walking on a tight rope wire
To avoid from further remaining a liar
Perhaps I should tell HER of my love, SHE is the one I admire.

© January 2010 k.davis

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