Love Is Your Name Poem by Mohammad Younus

Love Is Your Name

I am a poet because of you;
You gave life to my sentiments of love;
How can I ever forget you?
I remember you secretly and openly...
...because you remember me;
As I always stand before you... can I ever ignore you?
I look into my heart, and I learn:
There is none but you!
I see, I hear, I speak, I smell, I taste...
I feel, I think, I sit, I stand, I walk...
...just because of your command...
...that you have blown into me;
I am blind, deaf, mute, dude, crippled!
Even nothing! I am without you!
In the city of love, sanity is to remain... silence before you, and continually hear...
...your sweet, spontaneous, fluid voice;
Once I was lost in unfamiliar ruins;
I am back to your ever- blooming garden of love...
...which you had kept ready for me;
I find myself short of words to express... infinite gratitude to you...
...for showering your infinite love on me;
I shop only at the stores
where only your love is sold;
Your love is the water of life for me!
Without this liquor, I'm just a dead body!
Since you have brought me to your garden of love...
...I've come to realise that your love will never perish;
Love is your name! Love is your fame!
I cannot get on my tongue any other name!
In this garden of love, In this state of being...
I cannot love any other except you.


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